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21 Day H.I.T.T Program

PLEASE NOTE – Results may vary from person to person

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a cardiovascular fat burning program which maximises your body’s fat burning capacity for up to four times more. Meaning less time training with greater results.

The question is ‘Why HIIT vs. Traditional low intensity training?

Reason # 1.
Research has compared hour-long, cardio workouts to HIIT workouts and they found improvements in VO2 Max by about 14% and Improvements in your anaerobic capacity increased by a remarkable 28%!

Reason #2.
HIIT does not chew up your muscle mass like excessive endurance exercise does. Long slow cardio forces your body to get rid of metabolically ‘calorie burning’ muscle mass. That’s a real problem if you want to stay lean, strong and looking good.

Reason #3.
You can lose more subcutaneous fat with HIIT than with the standard long slow cardio exercise. Some research shows that HIIT helps you burn fat more effectively in certain areas, like the tough abdominal region.

Reason #4.
Lose NINE TIMES MORE FAT for every calorie burned during exercise!

Reason #5.
HIIT causes your body to burn more calories and fat AFTER the workout is completed. This means that after you finish your workout, hit the showers, and on your way back to your home your body is burning fat stores right off of your body!

Reason # 6.
Fast running intervals can be more beneficial than traditional slow cardio especially for middle-age and older adults. Due to the tremendous increases in growth hormone production which is suspected to be a strong factor in fat loss.

Reason #7.
Save you time! A complete high intensity interval training workout session can be completed in only 30 minutes! Compare that to doing an hour of cardio. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time to fit in a thorough warm-up, weight training workout, an hour of cardio, a cool down and stretching.