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PLEASE NOTE – Results may vary from person to person

Fully qualified


  • Level 2 First Aid
  • Personal Trainer (certificate 4) Master Trainer
  • Gym Instructor (certificate 3) Group Instruction



  • Competing in 100 day weight loss challenge



  • Weight lifting, boxing, Football



  • Worked in many one on one personal training studios
  • Has taken group training in personal training studios
  • Worked in large institutions as a group instructor and personal trainer

Today more and more people are looking for better ways to get into shape and other options besides plastic surgery when it comes to reshaping their bodies. This is where I can help many people sculpt their body through more natural means. .

Some people believe a personal trainer is like having a work out partner or spotter who simply counts reps, while others look at personal trainers as motivation that gives them more of a reason to go workout. Although these conceptual beliefs are true for many personal trainers, they do not do justice in fully defining the competent and fully qualified personal trainer.

I am an integrative fitness expert who gets results for his/her clients through a sound application of exercise and motivational science and hold people accountable thereby promoting long-term consistency.

Being a personal trainer is about helping people and improving their quality of life it can certainly help the majority reach their goals and dreams. The reason why a professional personal trainer can be the difference is because I have spent a great deal of time studying what many would say is the most complex machine in existence, “The Human Body.” So in a way, we actually have to study and work harder than a rocket scientist! I mean lets face it, a rocket is “Man-made.” It’s more about assistance in developing a healthy and fit lifestyle.”